A Thunder on the Road

A Thunder on the Road.

I had the pleasure of scoring a musical draft for the feature film project called “Trueno del Camino” (Thunder Road, Argentina) directed by Cristian Bernard and written by Hernán Moyano.

Here you can listen the track:

This is the translation of the interview note published on the Oficial Website of the project (www.truenodelcamino.com).

When the project emerged and Hernán Moyano began publishing about the progress made, it immediately caught my attention. I said “if they need a music composer, I have to offer myself right now. The film will be amazing”. I sent him my contact information and several links to recent work.

But time ran and the project began to show an increasingly engaging and exciting face. Designs, sketches, posters, website, support from various sectors emerged. I felt I should do something. That is how I decided to compose a draft, thinking about the story, the pictures, the material was launched on the Internet.

The first part of the draft is due to a melancholy situation: trumpet indicates the mood. Immediately afterwards, follows a dark and dramatic part, that leaves us in the core of the composition: the excitement and adrenaline of being on the road running the miles like thunder, feeling the speed throughout the body.

I wrote the draft in a fit of energy: I was a racing driver. Hopefully I can be part of this great project.


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