Road to Redemption – Original Soundtrack

Unexpectedly, the western genre has become one of the most important pillars of my career in musical composition for films. First, “Far Enemy” (Chile, 2011) written and directed by Pablo Andrés Roldán López. We have worked together in a lot of films since then. Then “Django” (Chile, 2013) also directed by Pablo, this time for the Django Unchained Sony Pictures Contest. We had to recreate a scene from the famous film of Quentin Tarantino. Then, it came the time of “Road to Redemption” (Chile, 2015) written and directed by Pablo. In my opinion, a very high point in his western genre cinematography. In this opportunity, I have experienced and recreated several elements of the genre, enjoying as never before the work of composition. I would like to share with you the whole soundtrack. Close your eyes, let yourself be carried by the gallop of the steed and travel to the far west



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