My name is Nicolás Iaconis. I’m a Music Composer for Films. I welcome you to my Official Website where you can find my works for Film and TV, notes, interviews and more.


I have been working in Films since 2007, when my friend Daniel Mondino from Secondary School Padre Castañeda (city of La Plata) invited me to participate in the soundtrack of his independent film “Doncela” which at that time was being filmed . We both had 20 years old.

Daniel knew about my studies on piano and my rock bands, and asked for a draft of orchestral music to hear my skills in that style. I wrote the draft and, after a brief conversation, he invited me to participate as a music composer in his suspense film.

From there, my work in the field has continued. I have studied in depth different branches of the Theory of Composition as movie soundtracks of various genres. I have worked in feature films, short films, plays and institutional-corporate videos.

In turn, in 2011, I felt the desire to get behind the camera and carry out some audiovisual products. With my actor brother Bernardo Iaconis, we shot some short films, perfecting techniques and production, adding skilled people, until the filming of the first action short movie filmed entirely in the city of La Plata, called “The Tracker” currently in post-production.

I invite you to explore the website and know my work. All your comments are welcome.



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