Wings of Dreams – A very special song

Yesterday, March 18, my dear friend, colleague of cinematographic adventures and brother Pablo Roldán Lopez turned 43 years. Although we have worked together many times and I have always composed the soundtrack of his projects, this year I felt that something was missing: to dedicate a theme, specially for him. This is how Wings of Dreams came about.

WoD - 22Although it has no lyrics, this song is about strength and determination in order to fight for the Great Dream that we both share. In this race, dreams abound but the incentives are scarce. The motivation is a precious jewel that tend to dilute in time.

Not a few know about our struggles and our hopes. The most interesting of all is that we both feel the same: we are very near to do it, and for that very reason, we need support. To dream is to fly and we are flying determined towards our Destiny. The Big Screen eagerly awaits us. I know it.

The Winds

After two months of musical “silence”, (with a lot of failures, setbacks, audio dropouts, etc), due to re-structuring of my equipments… I can now say I am able to compose again

I would like to share with you “The Winds” a first song of a suite for woodwinds that I will compose part by part. The composition is executed by the following winds: flute piccolo, flute, oboe, English horn, bassoon and clarinet.

I hope you to enjoy it!