Protectors – Original Music

I would like to share with you the track music I’ve composed for the action feature film Project called “Protectors” (Protectores, Chile) written and directed by Pablo Roldán López. This Project has suspense, action, martial arts and thirst for Justice. With this music, I wanted to represent the dawn of the hero.



Genesis: Fall of the Crime Empire – Original Music

I’ve been selected to compose the Original Music of film Genesis Fall of the Crime Empire (USA) directed by Joseph Mbah. This film is the prequel to a new and exciting independent cinematic universe created by the director. This film sets the stage for the series. It is a science fiction action film about the fall of a criminal organization which gives birth to the first super human, which marks the coming of a new era in human history.

I’m very happy with the project and the invitation. Soon more news!