Ana Julia – Short-Film

I have recently finished my collaboration on the drama short-film “Ana Julia” (Puerto Rico, 2018) by promising director Arman Luiz. I have worked as a Music Composer.

Ana Julia was badly beaten by her husband. She has the opportunity to follow the light to freedom, but time is against her.

La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas e interior


Decisions Film – Selection at South Africa

The argentinian drama film Decisiones (“Decisions”) written and directed by Juan Mirarchi, with original music composed by me, has been selected and premiered last week at Ekurhuleni city, South Africa, at the SABC Ekurhuleni International Film Festival-SEIFF 2016. This is the very first international selection won by the film.

Insidias Diaboli – Making Of

I would like to share with you the Making Of from the horror film Insidias Diaboli directed by Diego Estaban Alvarez, with original music composed by me.

EXHIBITS – Music for Concept Trailer

I would like to share with you the Original Music I’ve composed for the Concept Trailer of horror feature film Exhibits (UK) created by Mike Clarke and Paul Gerrard.


Backwards – Released on KALTBULT Magazine

The fashion film “Backwards” written, directed and produced by Alexan Kevork Sarikamichian, original music composed by me, has been released online at the KALTBULT Magazine.

Nostalgia and memory of love, their caresses, their last sex, the last look and the final goodbye. Perhaps a goodbye or a memory of something you can never forget: a great love. Alexan Sarikamichian wanted to portray the story of a couple through little peeks with a melodramatic music that helps the audience get into the depth of a couple’s intimacy . He choose the vintage resource of VHS format to show that special memories, images of her filmed by her boyfriend , old tapes that shows her seduction, her skin and eyes.

KALTBULT Magazine stands for a limitless symbiosis between art, photography, fashion, music and media. The theme of every issue works as a platform for artists to showcase their personal interpretation and point of view.