The Kid – Trailer

I would like to share with you the promotional trailer of post-apocalyptic short-film “The Kid” (El Pibe, Argentina, 2017) directed by Ezequiel Pache, Sound Design by me.

In this particular work, I had the chance to perform some experiments in order to create a very specific atmosphere for a grey future with isolated humans.


Film “Decisions”

Nicolás Iaconis has been selected to write the Original Soundtrack of the argentinian film “Decisions” written and directed by Juan Mirarchi, starring Fabián Pérez, Mercedes de Urraza, Ezequiel Pache y Santiago Gallo.



Synopsis: Javier is a talented student of fine arts. Ana is a newbie attorney wanting to be an actress. Andrés is a philosophy student who has not yet found his way. They keep a friendship of many years. However, accustomed to sharing their routine lives, they kept silently the desire to love each other. But the constant provocation, jealousy, insecurities and longing to realize their desires drags them to confrontation, to know themselves and to experiment their emotions, sexuality and eroticism. It’s time to stop and take a decision.