Cinematic Fight Scene

Mariusz Scislowicz has been practicing his brillant cinematography recently, focusing in action scenes. In this opportunity, he has developed his techniques in a great martial arts scene. I had the pleasure to write the original soundtrack and to design some of the sound segments.


Fly in your Dreams

I have been working with Mariusz Scislowicz in a new video based on aereal cinematography. After our first experience, the music video we have called “Dreams of Wonder” and the success and the warm reception, we have decided to move forward and to create a new video. In this opportunity, we called “Fly in your Dreams”. The name is a reflection of our intention to create a video where you feel you are softly flying like a dream.

Dreams of Wonder

Mariusz Scislowicz, a very good friend of mine and filmmaker, and I have prepared a musical video called “Dreams of Wonder”. Our main idea was to develop our skills and creativity. The landscapes are from United Kingdom.

Visit Mariusz’s Official Facebook Page here.

Dragon Ball Z Project (UK) – News

On April 7th, in Bolton, UK, took place the filming of new scenes for the Dragon Ball Z project, directed and produced by Mariusz Scislowicz. Previously, Mariusz produced an episode where Vegeta frees himself from Babidi’s control. Now, is the turn of Trunks and Perfect Cell.

If you want to know more, you can visit the following links:

I would like to share with you some pics from the filming:

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