The Walk

Step by step. Through grasslands and fields.

What will we find?



I had the opportunity to travel to Misiones province, Argentina. The main goal: to visit the Falls of Iguazu.

The wonder and the majesty of the waterfall inspired me to film and compose this humble track.




This is the residencial zone I am living in nowadays. It is not very far from La Plata city, but it is far enough. You can perceive a great difference: the horizon, the fragance, the sound.



I would like to share with you the song “Transition” composed by me.

I hope you enjoy it!


Fly in your Dreams

I have been working with Mariusz Scislowicz in a new video based on aereal cinematography. After our first experience, the music video we have called “Dreams of Wonder” and the success and the warm reception, we have decided to move forward and to create a new video. In this opportunity, we called “Fly in your Dreams”. The name is a reflection of our intention to create a video where you feel you are softly flying like a dream.



I did a trip to the mountain city of Tandil, Buenos Aires province. I had the chance to do a lot of takes. Once back home, I edited a video and composed a song for it.

I hope you like it!


Sonata for Strings

I have filmed this video in my new neighborhood. The images have inspired me to compose this Sonata for Strings.

I hope you like it.