El Becario – Original Music

I would like to share with you the Original Soundtrack for the comedy short-film “El Becario” (Spain, 2017) directed by Fernando Esbec, produced by José Berodas.

This soundtrack has as reference and inspiration the films “Whiplash” by Damien Chazelle and “Birdman” by Alejandro González Iñárritu. I had the intention of generating non-melodic percussive moments in order to accompany the comic and dramatic situations from the film.


Presumptuous – Short-Film

I’ve recently had the chance to work as Music Composer, once more with production company Konsak from Spain in the short-film called “Presuntuoso” (Presumptuous) directed by José Berodas. The film is starring by Pablo Rogado and Aurora Bernal.

More info here.