Guests – Horror Short-Film

In the year 2014, I have worked as a Music Composer on the horror short-film “Guests” (UK, 2014) directed by Sebastien Blanc.

The film has been released and you can now enjoy it!

If you like to listen the Original Soundtrack, here is the track:


Remembrance Day – Awards

Rob Woods and Robert Walters won the Best Drama and Best Screenwritting for the film “Remembrance Day” (UK, 2016) at the Royal Television Society. I had the pleasure of scoring the film… Congrats, guys!

Five Hells for a Thief – Horror Film

I am very happy: I have been selected to score the horror film Five Hells for a Thief directed by por Mike Clarke, and the very talented Paul Gerrard will be the Production Designer.

The project is actually looking for financial support in order to develop two fundamental scenes.

Kickstarter here.

EXHIBITS – Music for Concept Trailer

I would like to share with you the Original Music I’ve composed for the Concept Trailer of horror feature film Exhibits (UK) created by Mike Clarke and Paul Gerrard.


Exhibits – Concept Trailer

It has been released the concept trailer of horror feature film “Exhibits” (UK, 2016) directed by Mike Clarke and Paul Gerrard.

For more news and great material about the project, visit: