Ricochet – Official Selection

The western short-film “Ricochet: a bullet for a dead man” (Chile, 2017) directed by Pablo Roldan Lopez, Original Music composed by me, has been selected at the FICIL 2018 in Chile.

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Ricochet – Selected and Prizewinner

The western short-film “Ricochet: a Bullet for a Dead Man” (Chile, 2016) written and directed by Pablo Roldán López was selected at the Festival de Cine Emergente de Chile (Emergent Film Festival of Chile). The short-film won the prize of the category on which it was selected.

Watch the film here.


Ricochet: A Bullet for a Dead Man

My dear friend, brother and film partner Pablo Andrés Roldán López have filmed a western short-film three minutes long for the My RØDE Reel Festival 2016. After the festival, we have worked on an extended version, we could say a”director’s cut”. We saw the chance to think again about the narrative and to enhace it with a new sound design and a new soundtrack. The result?


Ricochet – Western Short-film

My very good friend and chilean brother Pablo Roldán López has directed the western short-film “Ricochet: a bullet for a dead man” for the RODE Film Festival.

You can access the voting page in order to help us here.

We are working in a new extended cut version to be sent to different world film festivales.

Beauty Saloon – Original Music

I would like to share with you the Original Music I’ve composed for western short-film “Beauty Saloon” (Argentina, 2016) directed by Federico Loguancio, starring Rodrigo Raffeto and Gustavo Armando.

Beauty Saloon – Trailer

This is the trailer of western short-film “Beauty Saloon” (Saloon de Belleza, Argentina, 2016) directed by Fede Logo, starring Rodrigo Raffeto and Gustavo Armando.

I’ve composed the Original Music. Returning to the Far West is a great pleasure to me.