Genesis – Movie on DVD

I am very happy to share with you this new: the feature film “Genesis: Fall of the Crime Empire” (USA) directed by Joseph Mbah, Original Music composed by me, will be released on DVD July 11th 2017.

You can pre-order on Amazon:


Five Hells for a Thief – First Shooting Weekend

Last weekend, director Mike Clarke and a fabolous teams have started the shooting of the horror feature film Five Hells for a Thief. I’m very happy to be in this project as Music Composer.

One Year Ago – Star Wars Saga Trailer

A year ago, on July 22, 2015, I have published a trailer of ‪#‎StarWars Saga, due the upcoming premiere of the seventh episode.

A lot of people, have asked me how I did it. Everything have started from a single image I could not get out of my mind for a whole day, once I have watched one of the first trailers released of the Episode VII: the calcined mask of Darth Vader.

Where have I saw the same take of the mask? When the answer came to me, I knew I had to edit a saga trailer and to compose a special music track for it. So, I have loaded the six movies in my edition software, plus the two official trailers of the new episode, so far released worldwide.

The rest was a meticulous work: I have watched the six movies, then I have selected and isolated all scenes and takes with similarities.

For the beginning, I have selected the best Close Up shots from the main characters. The rest is a growing tension in oder to arrive at ‪#‎TheForceAwakens‬.

The lyric of the male choir is based on a poem about King Artur’s sword Excalibur.

For the sound, I have used three dialogs from the Episode IV and some special effects I have found on the internet, after making several adjustments.

In one year, the video was viewed almost twelve thousand times. Twelve thousand views are not too many views these days. But the comments and words of encouragement from a lot of people gave me the strength to continue my work on films, the strength to not surrender.

My dream is simple: to turn on my studio, to load a film and to compose the original music for it. Minute by minute. Second by second. Thank you!

EXHIBITS – Music for Concept Trailer

I would like to share with you the Original Music I’ve composed for the Concept Trailer of horror feature film Exhibits (UK) created by Mike Clarke and Paul Gerrard.


Ricochet – Western Short-film

My very good friend and chilean brother Pablo Roldán López has directed the western short-film “Ricochet: a bullet for a dead man” for the RODE Film Festival.

You can access the voting page in order to help us here.

We are working in a new extended cut version to be sent to different world film festivales.

Exhibits – Concept Trailer

It has been released the concept trailer of horror feature film “Exhibits” (UK, 2016) directed by Mike Clarke and Paul Gerrard.

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